Romeo & Juliet Website Analysis

Tim Kitchen

Romeo & Juliet Assignment - 2011

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What makes good web design?

There are a number of standard web design conventions that have been established over the relatively short history of Internet publication. These include standards for the use of text, multimedia, colours, navigation, images and file attachments. A summary of basic web design conventions can be found here.

Examples of poor design

Yale - School of Art

external image yale-art.jpg

Being an Art School, they should know better. This site is a wiki so a wide range of students and staff within the school have access and make contributions. Unfortunately they don't follow any recognised deign standards, formats or conventions and as a result, the site is messy to look at and hard to navigate.

Review from www.websitesthatsuck.com
"I could excuse the page if it were designed by an 11-year old. I should excuse it because it's for an art school but, because some irresponsible dickhead doesn't understand that flashing colors could cause seizures, I have to make it a candidate for worst website of 2010."