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Mounting two data projectors from the ceiling in the Mail Hall either against the wall either side of the organ pipes or with permanent screens??? Expert advice required from Tasman AV etc

Installing a plasma screen in the Narthex

Installing a secured plasma screen in the verandah

3 camera points (as per com link points) 1 in the balcony (centre) and two at the stage (left & right)

Note on cameras – To install 3 remote control (balcony centre & left & right of stage) These could be controlled at the multimedia desk. Also have the option of three HD 3CCD camera & tripods that are manned for special occasions.

4 Channel vision switcher to control images from cameras and computer.

Similar to this:

$21,030.00 at Video Guys

Ian's Response (3rd March)
• Would ambient light prevent satisfactory presentation from data projectors? Perhaps an alternative would be large (60 in) LCD/Plasma screens. I think the up-light on each side at the front of the sanctuary would need to be switchable.
• Narthex and verandah screens are supported. What material would be displayed?
• The suggested Video Guys unit consolidates the operational requirements.
• The cameras would be an extra cost. The long throw from the balcony with narrow angle lenses will cause perspective distortion but this may have to be accepted. For lighting requirements see below.

Tim's response (4th March)
I tend to agree that LCD/Plasma screens would be a more appropriate solution in the santuary