Media Resource Group

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Welcome to the Collins Street Baptist Church Media Resource Group Web Site.

The Media Resource Group is charged by the Collins Street Baptist Church, Church Development Task Group with:
- Examining the churches current audio system and presenting to the Task Group a proposal with costings to update that whole system;
- Planning such multimedia presentation equipment that would enable such multimedia presentations both within the sanctuary and the front verandah space;
- Working out a time frame for completing this overall vision.


The CSBC Morning Service
Contact - Len Lewis

The CSBC Evening Service
Contact - Jon Chamberlain & Santosh Mathew

The Verandah Ministry
Karen Hampton & Liz Butare

Urban Seed – school visits
Samara Pitt

Special events on the church sanctuary
Elise Carter

Other stakeholders
Stefanie Pearce

Ian Pawsey

Alan Chaffee


It is envisaged that most communication will be via group email and this website.